"I realise that some of my criticisms may be mistaken; but to refuse to criticize judgements for fear of being mistaken is to abandon criticism altogether... If any of my criticisms are found to be correct, the cause is served; and if any are found to be incorrect the very process of finding out my mistakes must lead to the discovery of the right reasons, or better reasons than I have been able to give, and the cause is served just as well."

-Mr. HM Seervai, Preface to the 1st ed., Constitutional Law of India.

Friday, June 25, 2010

RIL-RNRL Dispute

The Ambani Brothers have finally settled the gas dispute by signing a revised Gas Sales Master Agreement (GSMA). Readers may note that the Supreme Court had, on 7th May, ordered RIL and RNRL to renegotiate the GSMA and held, among other things, that:

"b) The EGOM has already set the price of gas for the purpose of the PSC. The parties must abide by this, and other conditions placed by the Government policy. The GSMA/GSPA deeply affects the interests of the shareholders of both the companies. These interests must be balanced. This balance cannot be struck by the court as the court does not have the power under Sections 391-394 to create new conditions under the scheme. In view of the same, RIL is directed to initiate renegotiation with RNRL within six weeks the terms of the GSMA so that their interests are safeguarded and finalize the same within eight weeks thereafter and the resultant decision be placed before the Company Court for necessary orders.

c) While renegotiating the terms of GSMA, the following must be kept in mind:
1) The terms of the PSC shall have an over-riding effect;
2) The parties cannot violate the policy of the Government in the form of the Gas Utilization Policy and national interests;
3) The parties should take into account the MoU, even though it is not legally binding, it is a commitment which reflects the good interests of both the parties;

d) The parties must restrict their negotiations within the conditions of the Government policy, as reflected inter alia by the Gas Utilization Policy and EGOM decisions.

[emphasis supplied]

Newsreports suggest that RIL and RNRL have finally entered into a GSMA in terms of the SC Judgement. You can access the news report of the Economic Times from here.

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