"I realise that some of my criticisms may be mistaken; but to refuse to criticize judgements for fear of being mistaken is to abandon criticism altogether... If any of my criticisms are found to be correct, the cause is served; and if any are found to be incorrect the very process of finding out my mistakes must lead to the discovery of the right reasons, or better reasons than I have been able to give, and the cause is served just as well."

-Mr. HM Seervai, Preface to the 1st ed., Constitutional Law of India.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trade Law and Development: Latest Issue

TL&D has been ranked as the best law journal in India (2013, 2012, 2011) and the tenth best law journal in the field of international trade worldwide (2013, 2012) by the Washington and Lee University Law Library in its annual rankings of law journals. Since its establishment in 2009, the journal's efforts have been recognized by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and the World Trade Organization.
The issue and its contents can be accessed online on our website here
The Contents of this Issue are as follows:

A 'Heated' Debate: The WTO's Climate Question
Ali Amerjee & Nakul Nayak
Three Core Issues
Thomas Cottier

Trade Proposals for Climate Action 
Rafael Leal-Arcas

Real or Imagined Controversies? A Climate Law Perspective on the Growing
Links between the International Trade and Climate Change Regimes
Kati Kulowesi

Why Developing Countries Won't Negotiate? The Case of the WTO Environmental
Goods Agreement 
Mark Wu

Clash of Rationalities: Revisiting the Trade and Environment Debate in Light of
WTO Disputes over Green Industrial Policy 
Sadeq Z. Bigdeli

Notes and Comments

The Case for 'Sui Generis' Developing Country-led Initiatives on Carbon Footprint
Mahesh Sugathan


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